About Us

“We are not only your chosen supplier, we are your chemical partner.”

About Us

Formosa Organic Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. has been serving Thailand’s textile and plastic industry with the quality products for more than 30 years with strong chemical background and expertise of her founding father, the company first earned its reputation in textile industry for the ability to modify, custom blend chemicals to customer needs. Working closely with customer, our R&D and technical sales team identify customer needs, offer solution and products in timely, efficient, economical and environmental concerned.

Setting high standards for products and services with a comprehensive monitoring system covering raw material, production processes and finished product. Recognizing our responsibility toward employees, customers and environment. We are ISO 9001, 14001 certified, and CSR-DIW by Ministry of Industry.

Understanding the modern day competition, overall cost effectiveness high throughput and efficiency are crucial for customers success.

Formosa listens to customer needs, modify and develop new products to keep our customers competitive. We know that satisfied and competitive customer means success to us. To strengthen our textile sizing product line, we have also started production of modified starch to provide total solution to our customers.

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In 1993

Metallic Stearates production was added into our product range to serve plastic and olefins companies. Our line of Metallic Stearates is renowned for its unsurpassed quality and reliability. Available in two grades, precipitated and fused grade,we supply to major local Olefin manufactures and also export to our neighboring countries ie., Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. In the recent years, our reputation has been well entrenched and we are now supplying to cosmetic and automotive industry

About Our Product

The latest addition to our product range is the industrial grade modified starch which started production in late 2006. This addition greatly strengthen our compound sizing agent’s series. As we have long been serving the textile market with our well-known acrylic sizing agent and now our compound sizing customers can enjoy the advantage of flexibility in customizing recipe to a perfect ratio even to high density fabric or high speed looms. We provide technical advice from initial testing of customer’s sized yarn all the way to actual sizing, warping, weaving in the plant.